During the residence the collective Museum Wunderkammer conducted a research starting from a theme that is at the base of its constitution: what archive does it means, which ideology the archive brings and which cultural representations it builds. The research starts from the study of an emblematic object the Mondotheque, a searchable archive display designed by Paul Otlet for the Mundaneum, an archives centre conceived with Henri-Marie La Fontaine in 1895.In the Mundaneum the two creators wanted to collect the universal knowledge and catalogue it with a system that they called Universal Decimal Classification (theone still used in libraries) establishing the standard and format of the bibliographic cards, as well as the drawers that collect them. Their practice was guided by a theory, which culminates, in 1934, in Otlet’s Traité de Documentation, based on the principle that everything can be documented. The idea was that the world exists to enter in a catalogue, which would have ordered knowledge and, by that way, would have fostered knowledge among peoples and propitiated universal peace. Due to the visionary mind of Otlet there is also the idea of another utopian project, carried forward from 1910 with La Fontaine: it is the never realized project of an ideal city called Cité Mondiale, whose goal was to conduct to a universal harmony for the promotion of progress. In 2012, the Mundaneum and Google announcedtheir collaboration. The Mondotheque is a sample of exhibition’s archaeology, of the archive and of the progressive utopia that has produced imaginaries to which we are still subject, including the rhetoric of shared and universal knowledge as a tool to achieve democracy and peace. In such a vision both the archive and the city are thought as models of the world able of including the whole, without an outside, without betweens. 

Futur, passat, son coses del present

Arxiù de Comarcal de l'Urgell, Tarrega Spain, July 2018
Coses del present,performance e video 3'08''
Coses del futur, Installazione
Salutacion a Tarrega des de l'Univers, installazione sonora 

con Piergiorgio Caserini

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