Dancing the Monument - booklet in collaboration with Iztok Kovač and En-Knapp  & Curtain Calling - video performance with the cultural workers on the Rotating Stage at DDT
Public art actions by Museo Wunderkammer in After utopia episode

The actions started from a research about two stories, which let an interpretation of the After Utopia come to light through the reading of two cultural processes. Both stories are placed in Slovenian post-war architectures  - the Delavsky Dom Trbovlje by Marko Župančič and the Španski Borci by Oton Jugovec - which are in transition from being monuments of the culture to becoming spaces for new cultural activities, where the collective dimension plays a significant role. The stories narrate two social infrastructures - both material and symbolical - which still perform an utopia, by making themselves everyday cultural tools for ordinary people and by re-affirming their role as public space in the complexity of the urban contexts. The work aims to put into the light the contingencies and perspectives of working in  cultural contemporary field, by deepening and questioning: the relationships between the cultural industry and the workforce, the real space of action for artists and cultural workers in the balance between precariousness and exploited subjectivities.

After utopia

Dancing the Monument 
booklet poster 
in collaboration with Iztok Kovač and En-Knapp
Curtain calling
performance, video
with cultural operators of Trbovlje,  DDT and MAO Ljubljana, Slo

Biennal 25, Faraway, so close
25/05-29/10/2017, MAO Ljubljana

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