Wunderkammer opening exhibition
via Belenzani Trento
23 may 2014 

Dogukan Belozoglu (aka DOGU) This young independent artist is able to tell, with one image only, an entire story, with as much cynicism, sweetness and creativity as possible! All we know about him is that he was born in the Northern part of Russia in December 1982 and that he ran away to Turkey still as a teenager, since he could not stand the cold, his people’s costumes and most of all fish, the only kind of nourishment in his country. In Turkey he meets the world of art and in particular plasticine, which he will never leave. Rumor has it that now he is living and working in an underwater capsule, in a non specified alpine lake. During his various travels and movements DOGU is able to cooperate with the most different realities, creating a network which reaches also places outside the national borders. In 2011 was funded the DoGukan Movement, a team composed of djs, chefs, barmen and technicians, which organizes the major events and expos linked to DOGU. The DoGukan Movement is all but plasticine.


Dogukan Belozoglu

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